Antex Electronics

Founded in 1983 by James Antrim, Antex Electronics is a leading designer and manufacturer of courtroom recording products, audiovisual client/servers for retail and commercial applications, satellite receiving systems, plus XM and Sirius satellite radios. In addition, Antex can create a custom OEM product that is unique to your business.

Antrim, with a background developing solid-sate relays and protective sensors for industrial and aerospace applications, focused the new company's attention to new digital technologies. The results included some of the first digital audio products for use in personal computers, as well as for next-generation Internet appliances.

In 1986, Antex introduced digital audio cards that were among the world's first to achieve CD-quality sound for personal computers. The audio cards were followed by a line of leading edge DSP based, high-end digital audio solutions for broadcast and other professional uses.

Antex has built a solid reputation for providing solutions to the communications, entertainment, retail, and court industries; with such industry leaders as PlayNetwork, DMX-Music, FTR, Microsoft, NCR, Pinnacle Systems, Intergraph, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Bloomberg Financial, and Tektronix.

From the spectacular new Palazzo Resort Hotel in Las Vegas to Sea Ray's flagship 60 foot yachts, Antex products can be found in some pretty incredible settings. And if you've ever found yourself sipping a latte at a Starbucks, you've listened to an Antex product. Antex is based in Torrance, CA.

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