Canada ProRep represents VoiceCapture Digital Recording

January 4, 2016

Canada ProRep signs with VoiceCapture Digital Recording as Sales Representative.

"Canada ProRep provides the expertise we need when working with channel partners and directly with end users across Canada", said Sean Deslauriers of VoiceCapture Digital Recording. "It would take many years and a huge expenditure to build a sales and marketing organization with anything close to the capabilities of Canada ProRep", he added.

"VoiceCapture Digital Recording has a Canada wide customer base that display an amazing level of customer satisfaction and loyalty to the company. VoiceCapture Digital Recording is extremely innovative in the markets they serve. We couldn't be happier to assist them as they grow to become the leader in their market segments", said Tim Grant of Canada ProRep.

Canada ProRep signs with MaurisTech

November 16, 2016

Canada ProRep has signed a multi-year Manufacturers Rep agreement with MaurisTech.

"MaurisTech is software development company providing innovative products to commercial and public sector markets around the world", said Tim Grant of Canada ProRep. "We have already experienced good demand and customer satisfaction with the first products from MaurisTech", He added.

"Canada ProRep provides MaurisTech with the reach and contacts that allows MaurisTech to concentrate on building the best possible software products. We are pleased to have Canada ProRep handle our Canadian sales and marketing efforts", Said Lukas Zaloba co-founder of MaurisTech.